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Industrial systems and technologies

Metalforme is a technology and service provider operating in the photovoltaic industry in Italy and worldwide. Its products are well known to be of excellent quality.

Since 2009, Metalforme has been manufacturing module-holder structures for ground-mounted photovoltaic systems and parking shelters with foundation and micro pile system, with bases made of prefabricated vibrated reinforced concrete or with foundations made of cast in-situ reinforced concrete.

Our module-holder structures consist of BARFIX models with single piling or double piling foundation and DUO, TRIO or QUATTRO configurations, besides the innovative BARFIX ROOT SYSTEM (BRS), patented in 2012, which allows the installation of systems even without pile drivers.

MW photovoltaic systems installed worldwide
Photovoltaic modules installed on Metalforme structures
Tons of steel used for photovoltaic systems


  • Since 2017, Metalforme has been in partnership with the WHALEWASHING Group i.o. for the semi-automatic washing of hulls of large vessels. Since February 2018, after officially entering PORT XL, Metalforme has been participating in patenting activities


Photovoltaic shelters

Structures for photovoltaic shelters and roof shading

Barfix supporting systems

Module-holder structures for photovoltaic plants

BRS supporting systems

Quick anchoring foundation system


Module-holder structures

Other applications

Anchoring system for objects in the ground

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